This is how the Universe works.

I recently told you about letting go of my fears to make room for incredible changes to take place in my life. What I didn't tell you was the whole story.

Almost a year ago, I made a list of what a dream job would be for me. I have always known that I want to work for myself, but needed a part time job to help bring in extra income. The most important requirement was that it had to support this new path I was on and be part of something positive. I prayed on this position and kept the paper in my journal to remind me of what I was looking for.

Fast forward a year later and I felt frustrated things weren't happening. I had created my dream business in my head, done all the necessary training, prayed about it and had gratitude towards it. I was doing everything I thought I needed to be doing to manifest my business. The one thing I was lacking was surrendering and releasing the fear.

Knowing that fear was part of the problem, it was recommended I make a list of everything in my life that fear was holding me back from. My list included:

1. Starting my own business- The underlying fears were fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of what others would think, fear of money, fear of not having an office space.

2. Leaving a job I had been unhappy at for so long- underlying fears were guilt of letting others down, fear of change, fear of the unknown.

After reading the list, I became angry that I let my fears stop me from creating an amazing life for myself. I was also angry that some of the root fears were based on what others thought of me. I was done with the fear. For the first time, I really realized what it meant to surrender. This fear was not going to control my life and I was tired of trying to control each aspect of how I thought it was going to happen. I began praying to be shown what my next step was.

Almost one week after letting go of the fear, I was offered a space to practice my Reiki. I didn't know how it was going to work with a full time job, but I didn't need to know. I accepted the offer and then prayed to be shown what was next.

One day later, a part time job at a spiritual church/center came open with some of the exact duties I included in my part time job list. The most important part was that it supported this new journey. As I began researching this center, it talked about things I was interested in such as the books "A Course in Miracles" and "Power of Now", meditation, yoga and other topics. I knew this was the job I was supposed to apply for.

I had a sense of peace during the interview process because it felt so right. But, I did understand that if it wasn't meant to be, there would be something even greater coming.

I was eventually offered the job and quit my full-time corporate job. I still have some fear about money but I trust that will be taken care of because I am where I was led to be.

Once I was able to let go of the fear, incredible doors started opening up for me. Those doors were already created in my mind but now they were able to come to life. When we surrender, let go of control and allow the Universe to lead, we make room in our life for miracles.

Megan Lindblad3 Comments