Letting go of the fear

It took me almost one year to stand in my own power and face my fears. I started this business about a year ago after realizing my purpose was to help people. My fear kept me from even seeing clients. However tough it was, I still maintained a strong desire to push forward. I could feel the desire to help others in every cell of my body. I pressed on learning, studying and training under an amazing teacher. I knew I had to face the fear if I wanted to make my dream a reality.

I made a list of everything in my life that fear holds me back from. The fear of failure, of embarrassment, of judgement and what others thought of me were the patterns in each area that I was held back in. I made a conscious decision to face the fear and overcome it. In that moment of meeting fear head on and announcing that it was no longer going to control me, the universe set the ball in motion.

That next week, I was offered a space to practice and had my first three clients booked. Those feelings of being uncomfortable facing the fears are worth every moment of helping another human.

There comes a point in our lives when we must choose the path we want to take. The path of fear or the path of light and love. By honoring the path of love, we open ourselves to a world of possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations.

I encourage you to look deep at your own life, make a list and call out your greatest fears. Look at fear for what it is, your own ego, and rise above it. In your choice to rise above your fear, will come great transformation and growth. 


Megan LindbladComment