How Reiki Helped Change My Life

Everything is made up of energy including our thoughts, our bodies and the world around us. Many times, stress, poor eating, our environment and negative thoughts affect our energy leaving us depleted or ill. Reiki, a Japanese technique, helps balance this energy. It helps to restore the mind, body and soul creating harmony of the whole person.

When I was first introduced to reiki I was unsure of what it would help me with. I was going through a very hard time in life and was looking for anything that would promote happiness and a change.

My first experience was very relaxing. I laid on a table, with dimmed lights, and my reiki master placed her hands on certain areas of my body (major chakras) while connecting to the life force that is within all of us. I felt warm and at peace. I decided to continue once or twice per month to promote well-being.

At first, I didn’t think much was happening besides a reduction in stress. It wasn’t until I looked back on my progress a few months later that I saw the miracles occurring around me.

My marriage was somehow improving. In fact, it was better than it ever was. We were able to break out of a cycle and starting to see each other with new and grateful eyes. As I began to change, it created a ripple effect and he began to see me in the same light. The stress of work, kids and life swirled around us but stopped affecting who we were as a couple.

In addition to my marriage, my anxiety decreased to the point I was able to go off my medication. I then began to become interested in my physical health because I knew it was important to my happiness and growth. I started reading about clean eating and exercise. I lost 30 pounds in the process.

Friendships were improving and ones that were unhealthy started to fade away. I was surrounding myself with positive people who were supportive instead of negative people bringing me down.

 I noticed my intuition increasing and a greater connection to God. As a young girl, I had many experiences happen that frightened me such as seeing balls of light in my room. I shut down this gift and it wasn’t until I began to reconnect with myself and my abilities that I started opening up again. This is the biggest blessing I have been given from the reiki. I feel like my true self again.

I started to feel happier than I ever felt in my life. My negative thought patterns were being replaced with loving, grateful and joyous thoughts. My stress and anxiety were decreasing. My physical body is the healthiest it has ever been. My spirituality is the strongest it has ever been. Fear was beginning to be replaced with love. Every aspect of my being was being re-balanced.

I found my purpose in life. I received my master level training in March.

The importance of this holistic healing modality is becoming more prevalent in hospitals as they are beginning to use practitioners to help with their treatments of cancers, pregnancies, chronic illnesses, injuries, heart attacks, respiratory problems and healing after surgeries.

My hope is that more people will learn about reiki and try it out. When you feel good and start to see the joy around you, life can be pretty amazing!


Megan LindbladComment