My Life-Changing Practice Gratitude

We create everything around us. Our entire life arises out of our thoughts. Many of us have heard of or understand the Law of Attraction; like attracts like. The more positive thoughts we have, the more positive experiences we create into our lives. And, the more grateful we are for what is in our lives, the more we begin to create.

I started my gratitude practice with a journal entry nightly. I would list five things I was grateful for that day. Eventually, I started noticing a shift within myself to look for the positive in all situations. I also started noticing small things in my everyday life I never would’ve before.

Although I was experiencing some of the benefits of my gratitude journal, I was having a difficult time understanding how to really feel the joy in my heart. And, I knew that in order to manifest my dreams and desires, I would have to really feel the desire in my heart to receive it.

After studying about gratitude practice, I finally understood how to “feel” it in my heart. Not only I need to create my list of what I am grateful for, I also need to include why I am grateful for it.

After a few dark fall days, the sun came out for the afternoon. That night I wrote, “I am grateful for the sun because it provides life, warmth, happiness, light, hope for a new day, a fresh start, etc." My heart swelled up with joy and love thinking about the sun.

This is the most life-changing gratitude practice I have started. I went from being aware of the beautiful things in my life to having a heart filled with pure happiness.

What are you most grateful for today and why?

XO Megan

Megan LindbladComment