How to Breakthrough Negativity at Work

The stress of work and unhappiness in a job can often lead people to become angry or negative. For me, it was the unhappiness of not doing what I love and knowing there was more to life than sitting at a desk all day. I have worked very hard at trying to break the cycle of negativity within myself at work. 

To help break the negative cycle that can lead to resentment, anger and distrust:

Become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings. When you understand the cycle of negativity, it is easier to put a stop to it. 

Put on a shield. Each morning on the way to work I visualize a shield around myself. I ask that it protects me from any negativity that could affect and deplete my energy. Thank you to my amazing Reiki Master who taught me this practice!

DO NOT JOIN in on the gossip or complaining. Ignore it. It is so easy to get pulled into the gossiping and complaining of others. It is especially difficult when that is the culture of your environment. Here's the deal, on a subconscious level we are all connected. That person you are gossiping about can hear you. It brings them down whether they realize it or not. In turn, you're just creating more negativity. Plus, we all feel bad gossiping or complaining because we know it is mean.

Look for solutions to problems instead of focusing on the issue. 

Close your office door, put on headphones, think about what makes you happy. When I start feeling low energy or being brought down, I listen to upbeat music or an inspirational podcast.

Create your own sanctuary at work. If you have a desk area, put up family photos, inspirational quotes, artwork, whatever you need to feel inspired and alive. It is a fact that I can't be mad or negative when I look at pictures of my daughters. Looking at their photos instantly brings a smile to my face. If you don't have a sanctuary of your own, create one in your mind. Imagine your loved ones, or your favorite spot. What would you be doing. Create it in detail.

Above all, remember to be the light. Be the inspiration for others. Be positive, loving and supportive. One person could be the change your environment is needing.

XO Megan


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