My Nightly Ritual for Relaxation and Healing

The happiest time of my day is coming home from work, having dinner with my family and then taking a hot bath. I find taking a bath the best way to release all of my tension from the day, to be more focused and a happier person for my family.

There are many benefits of hot baths which include:

Relaxation- The bath is my absolute favorite place to meditate. All I have to focus on is my breath and the warmth of the water. Even ten minutes of meditation in the bath is extremely beneficial to me. During this time, I will also bathe with crystals to receive the healing benefits of each stone.

Pain Relief- Baths help reduce tension on tired and sore muscles. Try adding Epsom salt to your bath to increase magnesium in your body. Magnesium helps with sore and tired muscles.

Detoxification- Warm water drains out toxins and kills bacteria. Epsom salt baths also help to detoxify your body. 

Induces sleep- Hot water helps to relax our bodies physically and mentally. For additional benefit, add a few drops of essential lavender oil. 

Improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Help with depression and anxiety.

Brings down blood sugar- According to a study at McKee Medical Center in Colorado by Dr. Phillip L. Hooper, diabetics who took hot baths on a regular basis were able to reduce their levels of sugar and glucose in the blood.

Cold and flu symptom relief- When I have the flu, I will take a bath every few hours to help with my aching body and relieve head pressure. Try splashing a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the bath walls for chest congestion or peppermint oil for nasal congestion.  

Moisturizes- For itchy and dry skin try adding a couple tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil. Or, take an oatmeal bath. Sugar scrubs are amazing at leaving the skin smooth. Try the amazing brown sugar and vanilla scrub I made here.

Relieves headaches.

Enhances Creativity- I am the most creative in the bath. I am the most in touch with inner self during baths. The quietness and warmth of the bath allows me to solve problems or come up with new ideas for my business.

Don’t have a bath but would love create your own shower sanctuary? Try reading this article.

XO Megan

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