How to quit soda for good

I recently accomplished one of my hardest get-healthy personal goals! I gave up diet soda! I started drinking it in college to help during long study hours. (I hated the taste of coffee.) For a long time I though diet soda was okay since I wasn't drinking regular.

Now in my early 30's, I began to notice I was nauseous a lot at night and struggling with head aches. I also noticed an increase with my anxiety. I was tired of not feeling well and knew it was time for a change.

The first few days of quitting cold turkey was rough! I was tired and irritable. I felt sweaty. My head, joints and muscles ached. I had difficulty reading and concentrating. My mind felt foggy. It basically felt like I had the flu.

Now, I feel incredible! Even better, I'm so proud of myself for this accomplishment! If you are considering quitting diet soda, here are a few tips that helped.

I quit cold turkey. This may not be the choice for some. However, I knew I could not limit myself to one a day or cut back.

Day two was the hardest for withdrawals. Keep pushing through and take care of yourself! Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and rest. The best time for me to go through the process was during the weekend.

Remember why you are giving this up. To live a healthier lifestyle and to not depend on diet soda. Eventually, the cravings will subside.

Find a healthier beverage you enjoy. I found that I really like warm lemon water and tea. I also love fruit infused water.

Another great perk of quitting soda, I have a lot more money in my change jar that is adding up for something fun.

Have you recently quit drinking soda or thinking about it?

XO Megan


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