6 Steps to Overcoming Jealousy

With all the competition in the world to be better, have more, accomplish greater and rise to the top, it is easy to get caught up in envious thoughts.

Whether it's a co-worker who received a promotion, a family member purchased a new house or car, or a friend who constantly receives attention or praise, it's human nature to feel envious. However, when you live in that constant state-of-mind, it's hard not to feel anger towards the person or even depressed yourself.

Don't let jealousy or envy prevent you from happiness in your life. Overcoming it is a process that takes time and work. 

1. Become aware of your feelings. When you begin to notice the jealous thoughts sneaking in, it's easier to get control over them.

2. Love yourself! Be secure with who you are and what you offer to the world. If it is attention you are envious of, work on becoming happier, self-accepting and confident. You will stop seeking attention from others because what you desiring will come from within. In addition, the more light and love you put out to the world, the more your own energy will begin to change and the more people will be drawn to you.

3. Be thankful for your feelings. Often times, jealousy shows us what we really want in life. Use it as a way to say thank you to the person who showed you what you most want. When we are grateful to another person, we are able to let go of the negative thoughts. Then, work to achieve what it is you desire. 

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. No one has the perfect life! Perfection does not exist. 

5. Stop competing with others. Once you climb the latter, purchase a bigger home or more expensive car, that doesn't guarantee happiness. You will find other things to be jealous of and you will never find contentment. We are not here to compete with each other, rather to love and support each other. 

6. Be genuinely happy for others and their successes. Everyone deserves to feel happiness in their life. Feeling joy for someone instead of jealousy, is a great gift to give ourselves and the world.

XO Megan


Megan LindbladComment