I have used essential oils for a few years to help with health and household wellness. From first hand experience, I truly believe in their effectiveness for my overall well-being. My interest in them grew stronger over the past year as I began researching more into the chemicals that are in products that we use on a daily basis. 


Mind, Body, Soul + Home Benefits:

Mind: My first experience with essential oils was to use them for stress and anxiety. Peppermint and lavender have always been my two favorites. Peppermint is also great to help clear my mind and to help focus. Lavender is amazing for relaxation. There are also blended aromatherapy oils by Young Living that work on our emotional well-being.

Body: I use essential oils on my skin including frankincense and melaleuca (tea tree). Melaleuca is great for scrapes, sinus issues, blemishes and more! I remember as a kid, my mom mixing tea tree with a carrier oil, warming it and putting it in our ears to help with infection. I use frankincense nightly on my skin to help with blemishes, wrinkles and sun spots.

I also use oils in bath products such as sugar scrubs and (lavender) in Epsom salt. My favorites for sugar scrubs are peppermint, lemon, wild orange and grapefruit.

Spirit: Essential oils are a great complement to meditation. Many oils help with certain areas of the mind and body. It is great to use these during meditation with an intention to help whatever area you are focusing on. In addition, some of the oils have higher energy frequencies than others assisting with going inward during meditation. These high frequency oils include rose, helichrysum, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and Melissa. 

Home: I will often put essential oil in my diffuser at home instead of scented candles. There are many recipes available for diffusers or you can pick your favorite single oil. You can also diffuse purification or Theives to help purify the air. I have used clove, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca (tea tree) in a variety of different household cleaners.

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