Top 10 Natural Cleaning Products

I began researching information on healthier lifestyles, including using essential oils, in 2015. The desire to raise my children in a home free of unnecessary chemicals came after my daughter's classmate passed away from brain cancer. They were only seven years old at the time. I think that experience gave me a reason to do what I could to keep my children as healthy as possible. I do realize harmful chemicals are everywhere and using products with them doesn't necessarily mean my children will get cancer, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I am doing what I can to eliminate some from our home and keep them a little healthier.

There are many great natural cleaning products available on the market. I personally purchase many of mine through Young Living because it gives me peace of mind knowing the brand and I receive 20% back through their rewards program.

Although we still have a ways to go, I am grateful for the strides we have made eliminating the chemicals used in our daily cleaning. I do have to admit that I still use disinfecting wipes during illness or deep cleaning the toilet. 

 Laundry detergent: My youngest daughter has sensitive skin so we have always been cautious with laundry detergent. We have been using Thieves laundry detergent and really like it. The detergent comes in a tiny bottle but it is so concentrated that you only need to use 1/4 cap full, about 64 loads. It will last my family of four almost two months. The detergent is plant-based and free of dyes, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume and optical brighteners.

Dryer balls: Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are considered some of the most toxic products in homes. We use wool dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils on them. My favorite oils include lavender, peace and calming or purification. To help with some of the static, I have heard pinning safety pins in the dryer balls helps.


Fabric softener: On occasion, I will add 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar and a couple drops of essential oil as a fabric softener. Your clothes will not smell like vinegar!

All-purpose Cleaner: I use Young Living Thieves cleaning concentrate on all counters, walls, floors, appliances, sinks, trim, everything! I purchased a bottle of the concentrate in January and I am still using the same bottle in July. You only need one cap full per 16 ounce spray bottle filled with water. It is safe to use around food, kids and pets. Plus, it smells like fall!

Dish Soap & Detergent: I use Thieves dish soap and detergent for cleaning the dishes. They both work really well. The best part is if the dish soap is accidentally ingested, you simply dilute by drinking water. I also use the dish soap to help with stains on clothing.

Window Cleaner: The best window cleaner recipe I found calls for 2 cups water, 2 TBSP vinegar and 2 TBSP rubbing alcohol. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil. I don't notice any streaks on windows and mirrors. This recipe will last up to two months.


Tub Cleaner: I spray the shower with my Thieves cleaner and sprinkle baking soda on top. You can also add a few drops of dish soap.  Gently scrub and it will take any soap residue or dirt off the shower floor and walls.

Dusting/Wood Polish: My favorite tool for dusting is a Norwex dusting mitt. On occasion, I will make a wood polish consisting of 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup distilled vinegar and 10 drops of lemon, orange or tangerine. You only need a small amount of the polish.

Fruit and veggie cleaner: In a bowl, combine a few drops of lemon oil and castile soap. Let the fruit sit for a few minutes and rinse well. Another cleaner I use is simply a few drops of Thieves dish soap, let soak and rinse well.

If you are interested in learning how healthy the products in your home are, I would recommend downloading the app "Think Dirty" or visit the Environmental Worker Group website.




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